If you are you interested in the use of coworking software, but want to keep your costs down, that pam management software is addressing to you and your needs. Now only that is a great tool but is completelly for free!

How much time is dedicated to your staff filling out spreadsheets via Excel, sharing work and projects via Google Drive, and connecting member usage data from one system to another? If you have multiple locations, or want to open one, do you have a way of connecting memberships between these spaces?

We all know that when a business operates efficiently, the profits increase and waste decreases, resulting in a healthy bottom line.

What pam offers, for free:

  • Full Overview In One Place 
    PAM offers you a full and detailed view on your performance indicators: No matter if you want to analyze all locations at once, a number of selected properties, a particular desk usage, or all your profits with a defined key client: with PAM you get all of it with just a click. PAM will help you understand and analyze the exact performance of each of your defined criteria, as a whole, or by individual space within your venue, however you want them to be grouped, it’s your choice. All your figures are viewable as graphs or full analytics within your full customized dashboard. These summaries offer key insights into the utilization of your venue’s shared spaces, based on the booking behavior of your members. PAM gives you the ability to review the utilization of your meeting rooms as well as the average duration and volume of bookings per space. Your meeting room booking analytics strike the perfect balance between comprehensive and straightforward. 


  • Real Time Booking Management 
    With PAM you can manage your on-going bookings, approve or deny any new booking request, allow instant booking functionality for certain cases directly from your listings page. You can easily download your invoices, have a full history overview or even add external booking. External bookings allow non-members to book resources, like meeting rooms or technical equipment. Increase your revenue by optimizing your space resources’ and use every bit of your spaces capacity. 


  • Book Multiple Desks At Once  

    PAM is giving you the freedom to allow your members of your venue to also book more than one desk at a time with no need of contractual changes. This allows you special services, for your most precious clients, so that a certain member (i.e. the team admin of a key client within your coworking space) could even book a group of desks within your venue just online without any huge new contracts. You will give the full flexibility, so they’ll have the option to choose the capacity of their booking and book a group of desks at once. No contract administration for you, neither for your client, just a simple online process to guarantee client satisfaction.  


  • Full Asset Management Tool  
    This absolute intuitive feature lets you create, edit or even deactivate properties as you need. You can connect spaces, predefine your calendar schedule and check your real-time occupancy. Advertising solutions user platforms by promoting your listing. If you already manage several locations, with pam you can manage everything related to reservations, clients and bookings.  One admin account can be an administrator for all your spaces. 


  • Fully Integrated Client Relationship Management Software 
    With PAM you get a fully integrated CRM solutions to really manage your clients professional and create a positive client experience. Our support team will help you with the import of your already existing customer data, ensuring everybody gets the same great user experience and service. With PAM you have all your important customer data in one place, including your reliable customers that went for upfront payment, or your subscription payments, client activity, extra bookings and credit card payments, you see all vouchers (yours or from 3rd parties), you have a live chat functionality to personal approach your members and even better: birthdates are displayed separately, so that your welcome desk can transport this personal touch. 
    Manage your reviews and stay in touch with your customer base or drive your next marketing campaign with the fully integrated chat module.  


  • Automated Payment Solution 
    With PAM you have full access and transparency on your payments. No matter if you want to use our tool, or you connect your own one, with our automated 360* secure payment solution, you get your payouts in real time, whenever you choose to.  


  • Check-In/-Out Functionality 
    A module providing more detailed usage of spaces, time spent inside. QR code solution and hardware support and advising. Members only have to enter their login details once per device, after that, PAM remembers each of them and checks them in automatically. You can also issue access codes to quickly let drop-in users access your network or group members into teams sharing a limited time in the space. 


  • Full Integration With Access Control Systems  

    With a full range of different access control providers, that let space’s members enter your coworking space using their smartphone, pin code, fingerprint, etc. You can define different access level to each of the memberships in your space. Linked to reports, when you integrate door access control in your space, you’ll have a much better idea of who is coming and going and when. 


  • PAM Mobile App (Android & iOS)  

    PAM is your stationary and mobile solution in one and it lets you decide if you or your team  manages your property, your venues or even whole areas via the standard cloud-based browser solution or by choosing the full functions covering mobile app, both available on Android or iOS. The PAM app brings all features to their phone, which allows them to accept payments, proceed with CheckIn’s or sent invoices with no need of being tied up to a counter.  


  • In-Depth Analytics 
    PAM allows you multi ways of in-depth performance reports for your property, meeting room or any type of space. With some clicks you can easily identify your success features and multiply them around your other properties or spaces. Analyse your best performing categories and work out more precise forecasts or take your insights and build your own best practices, based on your real time in-depth analytics.  



  • App Integration 
    Your organization is using Zapier, Slack or any other state of the art tool which you want to give your employees full integration. No problem with PAM, as we are offering a full integration support, with a full range ready to use already.  


  • Easy Co-Host /Co-User SetUp 

    Depending on your workload in times of events, or chiller times during summer, with PAM’s easy co-host/ co-users setup you can adjust the numbers of users at any time. Restrict access when someone leaves, or add a person from marketing to run your latest campaign. With PAM sharing work is easy and done in seconds.  


  • Multi Language Support 

    PAM is available in 11 Languages for the launch, but she is learning quick and more will follow soon. Therefore no matter where your space is located, all teams can work with the same software in their mother tongue.  


  • 24/7 Support  

    We love PAM and we take care of her, the same our lovely team is caring about your support requests. Is it just a simple task, or any bug which slipped through, we are here to help you 24h a day, 7 days a week.  


  • White Label Solution 

    You don’t like to be seen with PAM in public? Sometimes a new love requires a bit of hidden mystery, a veil of secrets and therefore we created the full functions supporting White Label Solution.  

    Make PAM even more your own and change her name, her logo and even the colors of her dresses, so she fits as you want her to.  The functionality stays of course the same, the support will be fully available and also all new features will be come to you, just looking as you wanted it too. This will allow you to make it work seamless with your brand and nobody will ever know.  


  • Onsite Maintenance Support  

    PAM cares about you and your customers, therefore she is also supporting your offline issues. Is a sink dripping, some toilet paper missing or does the soap dispenser need a refill? PAM makes it easy to pass this information to your Co-Host just by the app. As sometimes a topic is to delicate to shout it out loud and PAM knows how share it with the right circle of people.  

Interested? Then reach out to us for a guided demo, or sign in and discover it by yourself.