We transform jobs, together

This is how it all began

  • 2019

    The idea was born

  • Jan.


    We founded

  • Dec.


    First version published

  • 2021

    The first customers and pilot projects
The idea got born when I was seeking a quick and easy solution for a workspace at the beginning of 2019. No matter which company I asked, they needed me to read and sign an immersive amount of paperwork just to get signed up for a single work desk. It was a HORROR and entirely OUTDATED!
Since that time, the idea was hanging around, and I spoke to a bunch of different people about it. One of them was Pavel. We met in an old shady Hotel lobby in the middle of Dortmund at the End of 2019. What shall I say… we, back then, just Pavel & me (Marius), discussed some past projects very briefly, exchanged crazy ideas, and realized relatively quick a kind of bonding…  #BROMANCE TIME!
In December 2020, our software was launched as part of a Silen Launch. So far it has been a very exciting and intense journey, and we are very happy that our babies are getting a little better every day and that we can convince more and more customers of our idea.
Our concept for DeskNow was clear, the services around it grew with each day, and since then, we started working with a lot of passion and some external coding help creating a really colossal platform.
On our journey, we realized DeskNow is more, and it can’t properly work without a SideKick … a Powerful Asset Management solution… the birth of pam. #AMAZINGENERGY BOOST AGAIN.
Our state-of-the-art and free-to-use POWER TOOL to manage any of your CoWorking, FlexOffice, Meeting room, or Shared Office properties. It’s been a whole intensive journey until now, andwe are more than excited to be that short before launching. Now it’s time to help our all baby making its first steps.

Our Mission

We will make "Work Where You Want!" available to everybody worldwide

Meet our team

We are a small team with great skills.


One of the most charismatic persons you´ll ever get to know, and that is a promise(!), wait till you meet him. His dreams and visions have become a passion for many... His positivity and energy will inspire anybody who has a will to succeed (in life or a professional level). Despite of being the initiator, *he had the brilliant idea for DeskNow* working with Marius is challenging and fun. He acts like a mentor, sometimes as a father and even though he has the answers almost all the time, he is empowering us to search till we find it.

If you think you know the tech world, you never met with him. Our meat loving technical brain is always online, and this is not just a phrase, he is literally always in exchange with our programmers. Constantly seeking for improvements, some new ideas, the latest APPs to improve the backend functionality and supply our lovely customers with even more. Our always calm tech brain has also his Kryptonite and guess what it is? #VEGGIES!!! Strange: he really would prefer to starve before eating vegetables.



No Code is safe from being edited, modified, and optimized by our programming guru Mike! Loaded with vitamin D from the Canary sun, Mike takes care of a clean and well programed code for our website. What for others looks like hieroglyphics for him is a Rubik cube to be solved under 2 minutes. Not only he has a great experience in programming and landscape design (we know, great combo, right?) but his sense of humanity and family spirit makes him a perfect match for DeskNow.

Our Values

#Family #Humanity

We are family and care about each other.

We are the family we all choose to be part of, and this is a tremendous gift. For us, it’s important that everybody feels valued, trusted, and supported the same way. We treat everybody with the highest of respect and are grateful for the joint journey. Seriously, we are fortunate that we met in this endless and chaotic universe. Therefore we value everybody we have the pleasure to meet, work or have a coffee with.

#Passion #Ownership

We don‘t believe in titles but in ownership.

We don’t define our tasks or experiences by any fancy titles. We think that every person has areas they love and are great at. We love to share our passion and ideas in the same way every constructive criticism, aiming to support our joint journey, is appreciated. Mutual respect is what defines our day-to-day life and work.

#Diversity #Integrity

We love individuality and equality

The same as titles don’t fit into our minds; we don’t allow any form of inequality within our day-to-day actions. We support all forms of individuality and encourage every person to follow their ideas and visions.